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Incredicure - Homeopathy Remedy Finder

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Incredicure helps you find the best homeopathic remedies for your cold, cough, sore throat, fever and flu symptoms - in just 3 easy steps. Select appropriate symptoms and get the correct homeopathy medicine suggestions along with dosage directions.

Homeopathy is highly effective at treating cold & flu symptoms and considerably reduces the duration and severity of an episode. It positively enhances the immune response and can prevent the onset of a full-blown infection. It should always be used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medicines (such as aspirin/paracetamol) to control very high fever and severe attacks.

How it works

The remedy finder is based on the principles of homeopathy. The efficacy of homeopathic remedies is highly dependent on how closely a remedy matches the symptoms presented by the user. The remedy finder lists the main symptoms related to a condition and all the user needs to do is select the most relevant ones, as accurately as possible. Then, using optimized algorithms, our expert system suggests the most suitable remedy along with dosage directions.

Is it effective

Contrary to popular belief, homeopathic medicines are highly efficacious and fast-acting, especially when selected properly. Typically, a bout of cold or flu lasts for many days, even with medical intervention, but homeopathic treatment can cut down the recovery time in half or less. Many times, it can even prevent the onset of a full-blown infection, if taken when the initial symptoms are present.

Is it safe

Homeopathy has been proven, tried and trusted for over 200 years. Moreover, the remedy finder only suggests low potency (200C and below) homeopathic remedies, which are relatively safe. These remedies are generally sold as over-the-counter drugs and do not need to be prescribed by a doctor.

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