About Incredicure

How it all started.

Our Mission

Incredicure aims to harness the power of homeopathy, computing and the internet to revolutionize the way people cure themselves.

Our Story

Incredicure was founded in 2012 to provide easier access to homeopathic advice after the founders' personally experienced the highly cumbersome nature of homeopathy practices. Most homeopaths themselves think homeopathy works slowly and adopt old school methods unnecessarily. They do not reveal the names of remedies to establish a sort of "control" over their patients. This has lead to the general feeling that homeopaths are unprofessional and homeopathy is ineffective. To overcome these issues, Incredicure strives to provide hassle-free access to homeopathic treatment.

The Team

The team consists of computer scientists, homeopaths and ardent fans of homeopathy from various fields.

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